Team Building

A paddle tour is a great way to being people together

Bring your group to the Columbia Valley and let us organize a team building trip and workshop for you.

What better way to work on team building, than to paddle from Invermere to Radium in double canoes, single or double kayaks or one of our 8 & 10 seater canoes, and “geo-cache” the ingredients for a campfire and BBQ along the way.

This makes a fun and very effective team-building workshop.

Team Building Package Sample

Duration: 5-8 hours
Group Size: 8-12 People
Experience Level:
15% Complete
Fun Rating:
100% Complete

Paddle from Invermere to Radium Hot Springs and “geo-cache” your ingredients for a campfire.  We will set you up with a life jacket, paddle, a “Big Canoe”, a GPS and instructions in how to paddle and use a GPS to geo-cache. Once all is set, we will guide your group down the river and geo-cache all the ingredients you need for a campfire.

Fantastic! How do we make it happen?  Contact us for more information and to organize an adventure best suited for your group!

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