Four Day Frenzy

From: $600.00

Four Day Frenzy

Must be 15 years or older – $600 + Tax

The 4-day River Starter is a great length of course to get you paddling through class II+ rapids with confidence. When you are finished this 4-day course you will be able to maneuver your kayak through rapids with little difficulty, you will understand how moving water works, and you will have the general concepts of how to roll. Who knows—maybe you will be a natural and have your roll by the end of the week!


  • Equipment (kayak, paddle, sprayskirt, helmet, PFD)
  • Instructor (1:5 students)

Learning Outcomes

  • Safety as it relates to kayaking
  • Paddling strokes
  • How to balance in your kayak
  • Concept of rolling
  • Moving between currents
  • Navigating a rapid
  • Surfing a reactionaries
  • Understanding river hydrology
  • How to set up shuttles and strap boats
  • and much more!

No Experience Necessary

From beginners to experts, there’s no skill level required to have some fun!

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